My LIVE CARICATURES are delightful entertainment AND party favors for your guests at any kind of festive gathering.  

My LIVE SILHOUETTES are perfect for large gatherings, they're a mesmerizing entertainment and elegant keepsake! 

  WEDDING RECEPTIONS are an especially fantastic fit for my performance art, 

 wedding caricatures OR  wedding silhouettes!



Fun for ALL ages!

Amazing art created in minutes!

Party favors to keep for


Internationally award-winning

Caricature Artist

Emily is an award-winning caricature artist, having twice placed in the top three (for Best Studio Caricature and Outstanding 3d Technique) at the International Society of Caricature Artists convention, held annually.

Caricatures & Silhouettes

by Emily Byrne


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...and click below to see my classic pre-2014 Caricature Reactions video with currently 52k views...

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