• General Questions about Studio Caricatures

    • What can I do with a Studio Caricature?   My studio caricatures are fantastic, one-of-a-kind gifts for that person who has everything, and they make YOU look good as the gift-giver! They are suitable for any type of occasion. My digital studio caricatures can be printed on paper, fabric, magnets, cards, posters, sign-in boards for parties, you name it. My traditional party-style and airbrush caricatures exist as one-of-a-kind pieces on paper, but can be scanned to be used as mentioned above.
    • What kind of Studio Caricatures can you do?  I am now specializing in digital caricatures, but I also offer party-style (marker and colored pencil) and airbrush caricatures as well.
    • How do I order a Studio Caricature? First, visit my catalog (click on "order a caricature" on my main menu). If you're not sure what you want, or don't find something similar on my catalog, email me. If you need ideas, I have plenty! After you hear my quote, I'll need several photos of the subject. I require full payment to start work, you'll get a sketch to approve before I add color,  then I finish and either email or ship to you.
    • What kind of photos do you need? The more photos you have, preferably jpg files, the better. I need clear head shots in good lighting, but if you are limited to certain photos, I'll work with what you have. Email is best, and larger is better. I also need to know eye color and hair color if the photos don't clearly show them.
    • How long does it take?  My usual turnaround is two weeks.
    • Can I make any changes during the process? Yes, when I send you the preliminary sketch, you may request changes.
    • What is personal use? I retain copyright on all my artwork. Personal use means you may use my caricatures for any purpose that is not commercial. For instance, printing them on your wedding invitations is personal use, but putting them on your business cards is not. To do that requires a different fee and written permission. Email me if you are interested in this option.
    • Why should I choose a digital caricature over party-style or airbrush? The advantages of digital are: you get the image quickly via email, you get the image in several sizes, you can reproduce the image as many times as you like for personal use, there is no shipping, and changes are easy to make if necessary. I send the preliminary sketch as a line drawing for your approval before painting/coloring ( for both traditional caricatures and digital caricatures) so you may ask for one round of adjustments at that point. For the final image, one round of small changes may be made for digital caricatures only. Additional changes to the image will incur additional charges.

      Here's how to order:
      1. Choose what type of caricature you would like in my catalog (click "order a caricature" in my main menu)
      2. If you're not sure what you want, or can't find something similar, email me and I will give you a quote.
      3. Pay via Paypal on my site, or after I have sent you a quote and an invoice.
      4. Email me your head-shot photos (preferably jpg files) "with Caricature: Your Name" in the subject line of your email.
      5. I'll draw your commission and have it for you in a two-week time-frame.

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