My Blog!

Here's the link to my frequently-updated Sketchblog, which chronicles my professional life as a caricature artist, including event photos, commissions and anecdotes.

If you are interested in a specific kind of post, you can type any of these topics in the blog's search box to see previous events I've done: 

* After-prom caricatures * Banquet caricatures * Bar/bat Mitzvah caricatures * Baseball caricatures * Block party caricatures * Class reunion caricatures * College caricatures * Communion party caricatures * Company picnic caricatures * Country club caricatures * Festival caricatures * Graduation caricatures * Halloween caricatures * Holiday caricatures * Mardi Gras caricatures* Open house caricatures * Post-prom caricatures * Promotional event caricatures * Retirement caricatures * School Caricatures * Senior citizen caricatures * Sign-in boards * State fair caricatures * Sweet 16 caricatures * Wedding Caricatures *