About Live Caricatures...

You can choose from several different types of caricature entertainment for live events. Click on the LiveCaricature sub-menu to the left to see more examples of each type...

Black and white faces: These are the most popular type that I do. I use black markers for the drawing, and black prismacolor artsix for shading-- plus one or two background colors. Using this method, I can usually draw one face in about four to five minutes. That means I can do 12-15 people per hour.

BW Caricature

Color faces: These take a little longer, but the results, using the color prismastix, have quite the wow-factor! I usually can get through 8-10 people per hour using color. Oftentimes, I will draw all the guests at a party in black-and-white, but the guest of honor gets treated to a color caricature.

Color caricature

Airbrush caricatures: These caricatures have such lush color-- and it's amazing to watch the drawing come to life magically with the airbrush paint. I usually produce 8-10 people per hour with this method.

Airbrush caricature